Consulting Services

Consulting services range from one on one time to broader training.

Tailored to your needs, consulting can provide a much needed boost.

DecisionPoint Selling offers the following consulting services:

  • Sales Training Programs:  We will train your team with our off-the-shelf sales training methodologies or customize our content to increase relevancy for your team.
  • Proprietary Sales Methodology: We can develop a unique sales methodology for your unlimited usage in certain situations.
  • Sales Playbook Development: We are available to develop specific sales tools aligned to our sales methodologies by product paths.
  • Sales Process Roadmaps: We will develop a custom sales process roadmap for your team to use during and after sales training.
  • Salesperson Assessments: We will assess your sales team to determine if they have the correct DNA to actually do what you are asking of them.
  • Individual Tutoring: We are available to coach your people one-on-one under certain circumstances.