About DecisionPoint Selling™

DecisionPoint Selling™ was created after years of watching salespeople struggle to use complex sales tools without ever mastering the usage. There was more focus on learning the tool than on learning why it was being used. Filling out form after form in a complex account planning document is not Account Planning, it is data collection. When a sales tool is introduced to a group of salespeople, the desired response should be that it is simple and logical.

Complex sales tools and methodologies have no place in a sales organization. Salespeople like simple. We believe in simple and relevant sales training and methodology. We believe in a lean approach to selling – eliminate waste, simplify, standardize and then automate. Every activity requested of a salesperson must be critical to the successful conclusion of a sale or to the growth of an account. Complexity Causes Confusion – Confused People Do Nothing

They will also be active learners if the content is relevant to their roles and responsibilities. We believe nearly all salespeople want to maximize their ability to sell their goods and services. Unfortunately, people are hard wired a certain way and no matter how much determination they have to achieve something, sometimes it will not be possible due to their DNA.

We believe sales managers should spend more cycles measuring and less time judging their salespeople. They should focus on a few critical metrics and not the trivial many. They should also spend more time managing early stage opportunities and less time messing up late stage ones.


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