Competitive Positioning


There are many sales training companies and methodologies in today’s global marketplace. It is difficult to differentiate between them. Many are legacy companies with old methodologies which have been in place for many years with an occasional modification so they can claim a new version. Are they still current? Some are – some are not. How do you know which one to choose? The safe choice would seem to say choose the most widely recognized methodology and go with them. But maybe not.

Ponder this; most if not all sales training companies were founded by sales professionals who thought they had a disruptive approach and developed a prescriptive sales training workshop with rigid guidelines for adherence to the concepts and methods. Any detour from the “holy grail” would lead to failure and would not be allowed.

The problem is, many of these companies who were initially successful are now struggling to drive enough consistent revenue to support their business model. As with most companies who struggle to drive revenue they are forced to look for a less expensive resource model and end up hiring sub-par individuals to deliver workshops. This is OK for some clients but not others. It doesn’t really impact their brand as word doesn’t leak as far as you would think in today's social media world. But it does impact a clients ability to significantly improve their results.

We believe a solid sales methodology delivered by a principle of the firm will always win over a methodology delivered by a strategically staffed member of the training company who happened to be on the bench at the time the deal was sold.

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