DecisionPoint Automation™

What if there was a way to get a higher sales training adoption rate without a lot of work?



In today’s complex sales environment, simplicity is a key to productivity gains for salespeople and sales managers. Sales methodology adoption rates are significantly higher when sales automation is mapped to your specific methodology. Salespeople like simple, you absolutely must have a sales and customer relationship platform your team will actually use.

DecisionPoint Automation™ analyzes opportunities from two directions, the process view and the quality view. Complex sales do not follow a linear process where you check off activity boxes along the way. Great salespeople are constantly re-assessing their executive level access, whether the customer problems have changed, and so on. DecisionPoint Automation™ allows salespeople and managers to assess the status of individual opportunities by employing unique assessment criteria, scoring and color coding based on rules and weighting you determine.

DecisionPoint Automation™ guides salespeople to take the correct actions based on sales methodology and business intelligence built into the platform. DecisionPoint Automation™ is natively integrated with This ensures that data is visible and consistent. Setting up DecisionPoint Automation™ is easy and requires very little hands-on from administrators.

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