Strategic Alliances

DecisionPoint Selling™ is in search of a very small number of strategic alliances which complement our business offerings.

Our current strategic relationships include:

BestWork DATA


BestWork DATA answers the people questions you had yesterday, have today, and will still have tomorrow. DATA can give you the answers to questions such as:

  • Can our current salespeople really sell solutions?
  • Is this person the right one to promote?
  • Why did this project take so long?
  • What do I have to do to get them to buy into the plan?
  • What does it take to communicate with them?
  • Who should I hire?

- With a simple 25 minute online experience, BestWork DATA measures the hard-wired traits and abilities that determine how a person thinks, learns, and behaves. The importance for you is that these same factors determine how a person delivers specific job behaviors or if they can deliver them.

- These factors also determine who can work effectively on a team with others and what is required. This DATA is as far beyond common assessments as a smart phone is to a flip phone. It will change your business and it will unlock the potential of your people beyond anything you have ever imagined.



Finally! The sales enablement platform your team will actually want to use.

  • Get the CRM adoption you need to be successful
  • Deliver coaching advice – automatically and on-demand
  • Increase your odds of making plan
  • Eliminate last-minute surprises when it’s time to close
  • Produce forecasts with more confidence and credibility
  • Get it in half the time and half the cost of other alternative

- ARPEDIO Sales provides a fast assessment tool that makes it easy for your sales team to determine progress made in a sales cycle. Then it recommends next steps to help them build a winning game plan.

- ARPEDIO Sales is available as a app so all of your assessment and planning work is sent to automatically.



count5®, based in Atlanta, GA, provides Training Reinforcement Software that doubles the impact of important employee training and communications. The Q MINDshare™ platform uses proven neuroscience to accelerate knowledge transfer, training application and ROI. count5® was named by the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) as one of Georgia's most innovative software companies.