The Sales Complexity Assessment


Do you have too much complexity in your sales organization? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do your salespeople understand how to do everything being asked of them?
  • Do your sales process and methodology cause confusion among your salespeople or sales managers?
  • Are your salespeople using anything they learned in their last sales training workshop?
  • Do your sales managers manage their sales teams using a common rigor, cadence, and discipline? Is it simple?
  • Do you have an overly complex account planning program or spreadsheet?
  • Do you have the right sales automation dashboards? Do your sales managers know how to use them to drive the right behaviors within the sales team?
  • Do your salespeople complain about spending more time filling out forms than selling?
  • Is your sales compensation plan too complex? Do your salespeople know how much they will make before the sales is made?
  • Are all customer facing roles aligned with all others?
  • Are your salespeople mired in organizational complexity?
  • Are your key performance indicators and incentives driving the right behavior?
  • Is CRM a management tool or a tool to help salespeople sell more?
  • Are your salespeople hiding opportunities because sales management uses CRM as a weapon?

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