VP Sales Operation

Many sales operation leaders find themselves frustrated with lack of CRM adoption and inaccurate CRM data. These issues cause erroneous dashboard reporting and ultimately sales operations gets blamed for the problem. In some cases field sales leaders are not installing the proper reporting cadence and rigor into their sales management responsibilities. When salespeople see a lack of process discipline with their leaders, they take advantage of the situation. People dislike change and without the proper communication plan, field buy-in and executive support process, changes can be difficult.

And so goes the process and procedure consistency you work so hard to implement across the organization. If you are tired of being blamed for salespeople’s apathy, we can help. We work with our clients to help them develop the proper plan to gain field acceptance to operational changes. We also develop the “What's in it for me” positioning, allowing the sales team to see value in what they are being asked to do.

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