What People Are Saying

Sales Execution Workshop

The sales execution work shop helped my team better identify a prospect’s business initiatives and map them through to our organization’s capabilities. This enabled us to increase relevance of our conversations with prospects.

We were able to improve our understanding of each new prospect's problems and responsibilities in their specific roles.

By attending this workshop, I feel confident that I will be able to increase the chances of a prospect taking a meeting with me based on a proven prospecting sales method.

After this workshop, we saw an increase in first meeting success rates by providing relevant and insightful data/statistics, which resonated with our audience and got our prospect taking about their situation.

My team is now ensuring that they allow every prospect the chance to realize they should change what they are currently doing.

As an organization, we better understand our differentiated capabilities and where we fit into the marketplace from both a value to the prospect and our exclusivity in the market.

This prompted us to cue up our Customer Success team to increase client retention by getting the prospect to agree to trackable success metrics prior to closing the deal.

We hit a home run today in St. Louis with xxxxxxxxx- BIG Prospect -thanks to you! Our Complexity Gap - "why change" was a huge home run!!! Prospect said they really liked our whiteboard!!! Can't wait to fill you in!!

Sales Playbook Feedback

From this workshop, I have gained insight into my customer needs in order to make our messaging more relevant to their business initiatives and problems.

Learning how to hone in on high intention buyers by increasing your ability to deliver convertible leads is incredibly valuable.

My team discovered how to create thought leadership content that will help make our product, brand and service trusted sources of information.

I was taught how to create better collateral that salespeople need and help them understand how to use it to move opportunities through the sales cycle.

After this workshop you will rethink the way you title and create lead generation content (eBooks, webinars, etc.).

This presentation helped me choose more relevant advertising mediums to uncover high intention leads.

We are now equipped to produce more qualified leads, which convert to opportunities that are more likely to close.

My colleagues and I were shown ways to outline and test assumptions about servicing the target market.

We now more fully understand how our platform already serves new target markets.

This has changed the way that we plan for platform evolution in order to better serve target markets & their users.

One of the main takeaways we received was the ability to delineate personas for both the buyers and the users to better align product experience to provide tangible value to both.

We were able to develop a much better understanding of how competitors service the target market after attending this workshop.

The sales playbook workshop showed me how to work with cross-functional internal teams to come away with personas within the target market.

Executive Feedback

In late May I, along with a couple of my colleagues, attended a Partner Sales Program workshop in Sydney. We not only came away with some realistic, actionable ideas to improve our sales performance we also incorporated many of the principles introduced in our updated strategic plan for business growth. We couldn’t be more pleased with the take-a-ways from the Workshop.


Since we attended this workshop, there’s a new saying around the office. What would DPS say? The workshop has influenced so much of our thinking about sales. We began implementing (and seeing success from) the strategies immediately.